Group Companies : IMI-Omar


Omar Talc has rapidly become a household name in industries across the globe using our material. Owing to the superfine characteristics of the raw material, the finished product stands out in performance against its competitors. One of our best customers, M.s IMI Fabi recognized this fact and proposed a joint-venture project to ensure further capitalization on this amazing product. Hence in 2012, an agreement was reached a joint venture company by the name of IMI-Omar was formed in Pakistan. Under this venture the Omar Minerals and IMI Fabi are setting up a state-of-the-art mineral-processing factory in Port Qasim. All the machinery has been imported from Europe and once operational it promises to be the first of its kind plant in the region. The much-needed value-addition to various minerals including talc will be carried out in Pakistan at this factory and will be exported directly all over the world. The work on the project is almost complete and the plant has started partial processing.  We plan to be under full production by end of 2016.