Industrial Sands

Industrial Sands

One of our lines is the production of the complete range of Industrial Sand and Gravel, meeting all International Standards. We own the only such facility in Pakistan, which is producing the full range of industrial sands on a regular basis at an integrated factory in Karachi.

Sands for Water Filtration

Sand filters are used to treat drinking water in many developed and well as developing countries and they work by using a complex biological film that grows naturally on the surface of the sand. The sand itself does not perform any filtration function but acts as a substrate. However the grading of the sand in filter beds is the most crucial element of any filter plant, which will determine the functionality and longevity of the plant. They are often the preferred technology in many developing countries because of their low energy requirements and robust performance. Following are some of standard ranges of Filter Media Sand & Gravel we are generally producing:


No. Size (mm) Effective Size (mm) Hydraulic Size (mm)
1 0.425 – 0.85 0.44 – 0.54 0.522 – 0.64
2 0.50 – 1.00 0.522 – 0.64 0.62 – 0.76
3 0.60 – 1.18 0.62 – 0.76 0.73 – 0.89
4 0.71 – 1.40 0.73 – 0.89 0.87 – 1.07
5 0.85 – 1.70 0.87 – 1.07 1.03 – 1.254
6 1.00 – 2.00 1.03 – 1.254 1.224 – 1.50
7 1.18 – 2.36 1.25 – 1.55 1.50 – 1.78
8 1.40 – 2.80 1.40 – 1.705 1.62 – 1.98


No. Size (mm)
1 2.00 – 3.50
2 3.50 – 7.00
3 6.70 – 13.20
4 13.20 – 20.0
Moreover, we can produce any range, depending on the specific requirement of our customers. Our company has in the last few years, developed a process which produces the Filter sand and gravel to all international standards including the British, American & Japanese standard specifications. It was for this reason that our material has been successfully used in the following projects:
  • Simly Water Supply Project, Islamabad for P.W.T. Projects Ltd. (Now Peterson Candy) of U.K
  • Khanpur Treatment Plant, Islamabad for Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan.
  • North East Karachi water supply scheme to Peterson Candy of U.K (subsidiary of Black & Veatch International)
  • Hub & Pipri Water Filter Plants for Karachi Water & Sewerage Board.
  • M/s Zetas ATS foundation technologies LLC for their LIWA project in Abu Dhabi.

Salient Features:

  • The material is 100 % Silica Quartz with very minor impurities.
  • The specific gravity is higher than required i.e. 2.63 as against 2.5 required.
  • Higher weight does not allow the sand to be washed away during back washing.
  • Hardness coefficient is around 7.5 as compared to the requirement of 4.5, which prevents abrasion during the back washing process, and this will prevent change.
  • The shape of particle is cubical which makes is more efficient for filtration due to better interlocking process.
  • The grading of material is very consistent and lies in the middle of the range allowed as per specifications.
  We have the capability to produce and supply any grading according to the project’s unique filtration requirement. In the past we have produced sand and gravel with varying grading for several different projects. See testimonials here. Our strategic location in Asia enables us to offer exceptionally competitive export prices all over the world; especially to Asian, Middle Eastern & European markets. click for quote and product info

Golf Course Sands

Omar Associates is the only company in Pakistan with the ability to provide a full range of golf course sands and mixes as per USGA standards.

Rootzone Material

Custom rootzone mixes can be produced to meet all sorts of different requirements. Rootzone sand should allow for the following properties:

  • A uniform putting surface
  • Be able to play immediately after a rainfall
  • Have resiliency so that the ball “holds”
  • Have a non-compacting surface
  • A surface that can be watered quickly
  • Maintain adequate moisture and nutrient reserves during stress to minimize the chances of mismanagement
  • Produce and maintain uniform cover, produce active points for new growth and allow extensive root systems.

Our sand is:

  • Properly graded
  • Chemically balanced
  • Sub angular to sub-rounded
  • Slightly acidic pH
  • Environmentally friendly

Qualities of our Rootzone Mixes:

  • Moisture retention
  • Nutrient retention
  • Stability
  • Superior Quality Control

We also provide bunker sands as well as fairway sands. Meticulous attention to detail is given to correct particle sizing and proper blending to ensure the highest quality for the demanding needs of the golf course industry. Currently our sand is being used in the following golf courses:

  • DHA Country Club
  • Bahria Town Golf Course
  • Rumanza Golf & Country Club
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Other Specialty Sands

Silica is the most commonly used construction material and has a broad range of applications. As long as grading curves and particle sizes can be maintained and controlled, sands can be used very effectively for a variety of purposes. Given our decades old experience in the field, we can provide specialty sands to all industries. Other varieties of sands we can produce as per customer specifications include:

  • Well Packing sands
  • Blasting sands
  • Aggregate sands
  • Epoxy sands
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